Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jeff Waynes The War of the Worlds, The Point Dublin - The Last Night of the Tour

Well I'm sat here on the side of stage the show started a little late but that was because of late commers not us. It was tight but we made it happen, when we arrived at mid day all the motors were floating which saved us a bit of time we managed to get everything ready for a reasnable sound check. There were a few problems with the marshan but I think that was down to everything being so tight for time. I'm now sat here on the side of stage wathcing the playback and keayboards and everything seems to be ok. I think this is probably the oddest venue of the tour as it is a old tram shed so it is neither a Theatre or Arena it's a kind of blend of the two, seems quite nice though.

I'm now glad I have chosen to fly back tomorrow and am looking forward to getting home by midday when the tour busses won't even be in Hollyhead by then. All that is left to do is the out thisevening which will be a different truck pack as the trailers will be packed by where things need to end up not what time they are needed. The on tuesday when all the back line stuff arrives back in London I'll seporate it all out to be returned from whence it came. Then it's on to the next one.

Fw: Check point 1 complete

We've made the ferry and are now sat onboard the Stena Line HSS the largest fast ferry in the world. Or so the announcement keeps saying. We're just starting to get under way and should be in for 11:30.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The War of the Worlds at Sheffield Hallam FM Arena

Well after a fair old journey with a few drinks to see us on our way The War of the Worlds has arrived in Sheffield Hallam FM Arena. Another venue with tones of space, which makes the whole process easer on everyone. Again you find us mid sound check no major dramas today only a broken microphone cable on one of the DVD film crews camera.

My good friend Dave and his missus Jules are coming to see the show this evening, which is great.

Tomorrow is not only the last day but also the most challenging move we’re going from Sheffield to Dublin and my tour itinerary doesn’t even tell me how far away it is. My understanding is we should be off the ferry in Dublin at around 11:30am that’s three and a half hours after our normal fit up begins. The rigging has been sent over to be pre-rigged for our arrival but even so it is going to be somewhat tight.

Friday, April 28, 2006

The War of the Worlds at Glasgow SECC 2nd Time

I know a good leader should be able to get anybody to do what is required you just need the right approach but last night's out from Newcastle Metro Radio Arena was a nightmare. What should be a fairly simple painless out was on of the most frustrating since the first out of My Fair Lady across the cobbles in Manchester.

All is not lost we are back in the Glasgow SECC for the second time things seem to be going well. If the tour bus experience wasn't weird enough waking up with the bus parked up in a exhibition hall tops it, It's was nearly 10 am yet still dark out side? Everyone knows where and how things are going to be. We are a man down on the sound team today that has kept us all a little busier. I've done my little piece to camera for the documentary if it makes it in. Though I guess the keyboards and playback is a little dull. The other exciting news is we've discovered our photo card driving licences are enough to get us into Ireland on the ferry. That’s good news for all of us who have left our passports at home.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The War of the Worlds at Newcastle Metro Arena

After a day spent lounging around town we're now in the Newcastle Metro Arena, another ice rink only they drain the ice out of this one. Three blocks aside have not been sold so as you can see from the pictures there is enough space to park the trucks right inside, rock and roll! I fixed the dry solder joint on Colin's stage piano this morning that had been intermittent on us for about three days now. We also managed to pull the connector off the end of the cable while helping Malcolm fly the surrounds. :-) We're now mid sound check and all seems to be going. With only three more shows to go people are beginning to talk about putting this show to bed and what they are off to next.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Joys of life on the road

Today is a real touring day, this morning I woke to find the bus parked in Durham services on the A1. Something about not being able to check in to the Newcastle hotels until 2pm. On arrival in Newcastle I think the plan is to have a quick shower and then go and have some fun with my sound buddies.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The War of the Worlds at Wembly Arena

Well Sound check and dress rehearsal all ok aside from a power supply fault on one of my keyboards, a quick fix is going to keep it going tonight and I’ll have a more detailed look at it tomorrow. The recording team are also happy with everything and all are time code and clocking signals are doing what they should be.

Now it's tea time!

The War of the Worlds at Wembely Arena the DVD Shoot

Today you find Jeff Wayne’s the War of the Worlds at Wembley Arena and tonight is the night they are also doing the video shoot.
Well while a lot of the team were in here yesterday pre-rigging I was at LIPA doing my penultimate lecture with the third years discussing system wide processing for install and live, all things sound web and media matrix and alike. It was good if a little rushed it was also great to get a night at home.

So up on what is a slightly larger stage there is also half a dozen cameras, out in the arena there are a few in front of the Front of house position. Just to my right here on stage right there is a little jib then right on the back corner of the arena is a huge jib i recon about 15 meters long. So because all this filming and recording there are at least twice as many crew as normal. We're just about to start sound check as the plan is to do a full run through for the benefit of the recording both sound and video.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The War of the Worlds at Manchester Evening News Arena

Today we're at the Manchester Evening News Arena, i think this is the biggest venue we play. THings have gone well today no major drams, which is great after last nights troubles. We're now half way through Act Two and as yet all is going well. There has been much talk and planning regarding the DVD film shoot that is taking place on Tuesday at Wemembly. The audience are really enjoying the show and had a lot of fun with the Marshan View Cam. Tonight's load out shouldn't take too long as there is plenty of space for trucks and stuff. Which is great news as Fe has come up and we're staying here in Manchester tonight before my lecture in LIPA tomorrow.

Glasgow SECC oh the excitement

Well that was by far the most exciting show to date. At the top of Act two I started the playback as per norm. I heard the playback in my ears but the band started at me saying they couldn't hear the click or the verbal count in on the playback. After much rushing around one of the split racks in monitor world had died leaving the band with elements missing from their monitors. Highly exciting if not a little worrying. But Malcolm sorted it out and we were back on. We made it out of their in good time. Even managed to make it to the pub for last orders.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The War of the Worlds at Glasgow SECC

Well they made it happen we're squeezed everything in and are ready for the show and nearly everyone has had time for tea. I think it is going to be quite a job taking it all out though. Don't think we'll be breaking any get out records.

My old Blog

I've just downloaded a Blogger widget

And wanted to see if it works but I really must go and help the sound team.

Glasgow SECC

Well the Glasgow SSEC is a really nice auditorium and a really pleasant building, however it is far too small for us to fit Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds. So today is going to be interesting. What makes it even better is that fact that we do it all over again next week.

Yesterday's day off was superb a great bit of luck and a few beers with Martin and Malcome and dinner with my friends from Saigon Scott and Julie. Superb.

I better go lend a hand upstairs.